3125 kVA Transformer

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Manufacturer VanTran
Switch Positions One delta-wye, one dual voltage and tapcharger positions
Primary Voltage 480/277
Controls Via main bus, or 70 amp, 480 volt, 3 phase external source and automatic pressure relief valve with pressure vacuum guage
Oil Fill Non-P.C.B. mineral oil with liquid level site glass, temperature guage with alarm
Secondary Voltage 42400, 7970, 7620, 7200, 6928 Delta 4160 GRDY/2400, 12000GRDY/6928, 12470GRDY/7200, 13200GRDY/7620, 13800GRDY/7970, 14400GRDY/8320
Dimensions Height: 8.8", Width: 120", Length: 7.9", Weight: 18,000 lbs. with protective cage
Cooling Fans Directly powered off of 480V primary buss


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