Resistive Load Banks

Resistive load banks test the generator capacity and power quality of electrical circuits, ensuring equivalent loading between a generator and prime mover. They apply power to a generator, and an equal amount is then applied to the prime mover. A resistive load bank functions by removing energy from each aspect of a generating system.  Power resistors converting electrical energy to heat create the 'load' of this unit. The heat is then dissipated by force or convection with air or water. These units simulate realistic resistive loads similar to heating or lighting and also mimic the unity power factor component of magnetic loads from motors and transformers.

700 KW 

The versatile 700 KW Resistive load bank is built for transport and control. It features a weatherproof enclosure as well as castors or forklift pockets with additional trailer options. Choose between hand-held, PC, manual, or customized controls that allow you to operate the load bank from up to 300 meters away. The optional Starlight System captures data, produces reports, and is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems. It has a design voltage of 50/60 Hz with 480v or 240v configurations. Units are fully customizable and can be linked together for larger load capacity. Learn More


HPS Loadbanks can build customized resistive load banks to meet your specific needs. No matter what specifications you choose, each unit features a 15-year life span for guaranteed durability. Power capacity ranges from 100 – 6,000 KW and units are linkable for larger loads. Design voltage is 50/60 Hz, 380-480 volts. Controller options include a factory mounted manual control system, hand-held controller that supports operation from a distance of 300 meters, or a customized system wired for PLC installation. Learn More

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