Electrical Transformers keep electricity running and are used to alter generation output. These units can increase or decrease output to various voltages, commonly ranging from 2400 to 14400 Delta or Wye. Adjust the input and output levels to suit your needs. Rental duty transformers are manufactured to last, and the durable design stands up against the rugged conditions in the rental industry.

3125kVA Rental 

This rental transformer features a wide, selectable voltage range of 480/277 with multiple medium voltage settings available. It features an external dual voltage switch, delta-wye switch, and tapcharger. The transformer uses non-P.C.B. mineral oil with liquid level site glass plus a built-in temperature gauge and alarm. The rugged construction consists of a cage, fork pockets, and lifting eyes to handle harsh conditions. Standard dimensions are 8.8” H x 120” W x 7.9” L with a weight of 18,000 pounds. Learn More

5.0 MW Resistive Load Bank + Transformer

This 5.0 MW Resistive Load Bank includes a built-in multi-tap transformer and ABB protective switchgear in a single 20’ x 8’ ISO weather proof container. The ambient parameters allow the unit to operate in all weather conditions and temperatures up to 120° F. The fan and controls are powered via main bus or a 100 amp, 480 volt, 3 phase external source. Choose from hand-held, PC, or manual control system options. Learn More

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