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HPS Loadbanks Expands Resistive Load Bank Product Line

5.0 MW Resistive, Multi Voltage, Medium Voltage Loadbank Now Available. 

HPS Loadbanks (HPS), the leading distributor of Crestchic® Loadbanks in North America, announces the expansion of its product line with the addition of the 5.0 MW Resistive, Multi Voltage, Medium Voltage Load Bank. Manufactured by Crestchic UK, the 5.0 MW Resistive, Multi Voltage, Medium Voltage Load Bank features all weather packaging designed to operate at maximum capacity in extreme weather conditions and ambient temperatures up to 120°F.

Mark Hawblitzel, National Load Bank Sales Manager, says, “The 5.0 MW unit features a multi-tap transformer, resistive load bank and ABB protective switchgear with an industry-leading compact design.” Hawblitzel continues, “This load bank’s enclosure is an ISO weatherproof container that measures 8’5” tall, 8’ wide, 20’ in length and weighs 40,000 pounds. The paralleling capability of this load bank allows you to manage up to 10 units (50 MW) with one controller.”

Hawblitzel adds, “It’s never been easier to rent with HPS Loadbanks. Customers can choose to operate the equipment themselves or have one of our certified technicians operate the load bank for them.” He concludes, “No matter what option you choose, HPS Loadbanks takes pride in providing unparalleled customer service and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Visit the HPS Loadbanks website to learn more about the 5.0 MW Resistive, Multi Voltage and Medium Voltage Load bank and other products available.

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Based in San Diego, CA, HPS Loadbanks is the leading authorized distributor of Crestchic loadbanks in North America and a recognized premier dealer of Vantran transformers. Whether you choose to buy or rent, HPS offers the best selection of new and used resistive loadbanks, resistive/reactive loadbanks, transformers, trailers and cables. Our load testing products and services include sales, rental, training, parts and service.

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